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Lateral Entry

Lateral entry is ideal for candidates who have introductory experience and qualification in a specific field and in order to attain a better specialisation they want to pursue their education in the corresponding field. We can provide this opportunity to the candidate in order to get selected the candidate need to complete the previous semesters for the relevant papers. If the candidate fulfils the educational requirement the candidate needs to pay the requisite lateral entry fee as per the university norms.

If a candidate has successfully completed their first year of PG diploma from a recognised educational body after completing their graduation or an equivalent degree then they can choose to directly start their course from 2nd year in their corresponding PG degree program.

If the candidate has successfully acquired 2 years of work experience after completing their highest qualification in the corresponding field or the candidate have completed a professional course and got the professional certification then they are eligible for competency-based credit transfer.

For Fulfilling the minimum criteria forgetting the two-year credits, the candidate needs to successfully clear all the theory examinations and where the university charges such as CBCT fees, course fees and other miscellaneous charges as per the University policies. If the candidate chooses to complete their course in one year only then they have to appear for clear the combined examination for all the three years in a single attempt only.