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How You Can get instant Degree to complete graduation in One Sitting in Delhi?
Degree in one sitting is for the students to continue their education after facing some gap in their education Adda in higher secondary or during graduation. For example, if the student has completed the higher secondary examination in 2015 and after that they were unable to pursue graduation then they can apply for degree in one sitting in 2019 and complete their graduation in 2020 by collectively giving examination for the papers for the year 2017,2018 and 2019 in a single sitting for the desired course.

The documents which will be required for a degree in one sitting are the highest qualification mark sheet and certificates and the candidate will have to upload this document to the website of The students will then get the option to choose their desired course and University as per the policies of Once the course is completed and the degrees and certificate is awarded to the student then also the student will have the option to check their details of registration on the university website.

Which courses can be pursued by Fastrack mode?
The student can choose from any of the following courses.B.Com, M.Com in One Sitting, B.Sc, MSc in One Sitting, B.Tech, M.Tech in One Sitting, BBA, MBA, BCA, MCA in One Sitting, A, MBA in One Sitting etc and along with this there are several other options available for the students as per their qualifications are requirements.

What is One Sitting Degree?
One sitting degree is one of the best available methods of fixing a break in education and the student will be able to resume is education from the point where they have discontinued those studies. Irrespective of the point of discontinuity, One sitting degree weather at several options available for the students from you can choose for completing their Higher Secondary examinations or graduation in their desired stream which suited their personal and professional life. There are various Universities and Educational Institutes which provide this opportunity but sometimes their the terms and conditions vary from each other and hence will have to choose their University according to their current educational status. The fees for the courses vary according to the type of course and the university and students will get a wide range of options to choose from. The students will get complete assistance from for choosing the right course. Visit the website today or talk to our career counsellor in order to get on back on track and unleash your true potential.

Degree in One Sitting Degree in one sitting from a recognised university
Fast track degree in one sitting How complete degree in one sitting? Is a degree in one sitting is valid in India/abroad?

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It is the dream of every student to achieve the heights of its career in the there desired educational field. Thus, In order to pursue their dreams students opt for professional courses after completing their compulsory Higher Secondary Education. Many students used to go for tailored courses which are designed specifically for getting jobs to inform the backbone of the career of the student. It is quite possible sometimes that a person is unable to you continue working on this path and they might need to divert their attention and energy to an Ad Hoc issue and a break-in in the education becomes inevitable despite their best efforts. In some cases, the students are forced to drop out of their education as early as the 1st year of their course. The good news is that there is a solution to this situation and the students can easily continue their career path with the workaround of getting the degree in only one-year or through one sitting in Pune.

Needless to say, a today’s job market is extremely competitive and in order to get even a basic job, one needs to be at least a graduate so that they can where is considered for the job. There are three ways of achieving a graduation degree and depending upon their financial, level of skill and educational abilities the students can opt for one of these three ways.
Credit Transfer: The requirement for choosing this option is that the candidate must have successfully completed their second year of graduation from any DEC or UGC recognised University. The candidate fulfilling in this criteria can directly continue their education from the third year of the course and complete their degree in one year only. If the candidate has discontinued their education in their first year of the course then they will have to continue their education from 2nd year in order to maintain the continuity and they can complete their degree in two years.

Breaking Study: As the name suggests, this option is available for the candidates who have discontinued their education while completing their degree. Irrespective of the year in which the candidate has taken the break and the result of the education, the candidate can get enrolled directly in the third year of the study. The candidate must have a gap of at least 3 years After completing their Higher Secondary Education. The student will also have to appear for a combined examination consisting of the papers from all the 3 years and successfully complete it. The charge for this method covers all the expenses which occur during the period of 3 years and the candidate needs to who clear the charges in order to appear for the examination.

Lateral Entry: This method is ideal for the candidates who have completed the diploma program in a specific course and are willing to get admitted for the graduation course in a relevant field. The candidate will continue the journey from the second or third year of the graduation and they will be eligible forgetting their graduation degree in one sitting from Pune. There is some variation between the policies of the universities who offer this method. As a number of universities offering lateral entry hence it is one of the most convenient methods of getting a graduate degree in one sitting in Pune. The Candidate should not miss this golden opportunity and enrol themselves as soon as possible for bachelors and Masters courses such as distance BBA, BCA, BA, BCom, MBA, M.C.A, M.SC and many others.

Q & A section:

Q. What is the eligibility criteria of scores?
The willing candidate must have an education gap of at least three years after completing their 10 + 2 for higher secondary examination awesome the examination at a similar level.

Q. What is meant by UG in one year?
UG in one year Means the candidate will be able to complete the complete course with the duration of 3 years in one year only and they will have to successfully pass all the papers in the three-year course in a single sitting only.

Q. Is UG in One is accepted all over India?
As the degrees are awarded by Government recognised bodies hence there is no doubt about the validity of the courses.

Q. What Is the method of using credit transfer?
The credit transfer option can be utilised by those candidates who have successfully covered the first or the second year of the course and by credit transfer method they can directly continue their course from the third year of the graduation.

Q. What is meant by a break in studies?
If a student has any durational gap in their education after completing the HSC or SSC then it is termed as a break in studies.

Q. Which documents are needed for applying for this course?
10th class certificate and mark sheet.
12th class certificate and mark sheet.
Proof of taking the break in studies.
Proof of address.
Passport size photograph.

Q. What is meant by breaking study proof?
The Proof of taking the break in studies are the documents which can prove that candidate has taken a break in the study such as the experience letter, salary slips or some other proof which can prove that the candidate was engaged in some business or taking care of some personal matter.

Q. What are the opportunities for diploma holders in the lateral entry?
If the student has completed their diploma then they can opt for lateral entry and continue their educational journey and continue their graduation degree.

Q. Which certificates are awarded after the completion of the course?
Graduation mark sheet and degree.

Q. Does the awarded certificate hold their validity appearing for government jobs?
These certificates are awarded by Government recognised body only and hence they are absolutely valid for appearing for government jobs.

Q. Does complete these courses will help me in getting a promotion in my job?
Yes, indeed these courses are designed for getting ahead in career and completing them will help in getting a promotion in the candidates current job.